Friday, September 10, 2004


Sirs, for the first time in years I watched the CBS evening news and was unsurprised, but appalled at the snow job you put up. You failed to answer many of the major points brought up at, and other blogs. Why should these documents come out almost perfectly in the DEFAULT settings of Word? Why are there ‘curly quotes,’ precise centering and alignment of letters? Why use a font almost unknown and not used with the superscript typewriters The questions as to the addressees used were also unanswered. The fact that most of your shoddy defense focused on the sleazy allegations made by outright Kerry supports only strengthens the dubiousness of the claims.

I am but one of the many viewers you have lost to Fox News and the Internet. That shabby display only re-enforces my resolve and I will boycott CBS until you correct the error.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


          Yes, I am liveblogging from a convention.... no, not that thing in Manhattan. I am blogging from Noreascon 4, the 62nd World Science Fiction convention and it's here in Boston! So far it's a blast, thought I've been running around madly and late to most everything. I will be doing a talk on sports and SF. Anyhow, i'll report. Really!

Friday, August 06, 2004


          For the schadenfreude lovers out there, check out this grim assessment from an undisclosed location somewhere in Yassir's anarchy theme park...

          It's not so much what Zakariya Zubeidi, the fugitive leader of the West Bank Aksa Martyrs Brigades, says, but how he says it. Zubeidi speaks in the vacant tones of a ghost.

          And four years after he first picked up a rifle, this peace-activist-turned-local-hero-and-killer eulogized the Palestinian intifada in words similar to those in which he described himself.

          "The intifada is in its death throes. These are the final stages - this I can confirm," he said on Wednesday.

          "They sought to destroy Israeli society. They only destroyed their own. Dimwits.

          "Money quote...

          "Not only was the intifada a failure, but we are a total failure. We achieved nothing in 50 years of struggle; we've achieved only our survival."

          Of course, the Pals, like the Bourbons forget nothing and learn nothing.

          Asked if he intends to trade in his M16 for a briefcase, Zubeidi, who sees himself as a Robin Hood, responded that "such a path is not currently ordained for a man likely to be killed."

          Still, it's good news. Maybe after failing with violence for over half a century, they will try actual negotiation and comprimise.

          "It is a double-edged dagger," said Zubeidi contemplatively. "If we give up, then we live a life of humiliation. But to keep fighting – it only brings destruction."

Friday, July 30, 2004


          Death Pool update: It's not good (from my perspective, that is). Only 3 out of the roster of 15- Ronald Reagan (the most popular pick), Allistair Cooke (two others had him as well) and Francis Crick (a solo shot), have earned points. Ah well. That's life; or rather the lack therof!




          This long absence from blogging is embarrassing and frankly inexcusable on my part. Suffice it to say inertia took over.

          Sadly, I look through my notes and see a mention of a hate crimes panel sponsored by the CJP which l I attended- but never wrote about as well as discussion of Tillman and the two NFL players who earned Medals of Honor: Maurice Britt and Jack Lummus. I also had notes on Saddam's capture, including this filk.

          I do owe you my poverty/pathology essay, wherein I propose a new term to describe the status of being poor and dysfunctional: 'Patharty,' or pathological poverty. Also I need to find a George Will essay so I can explain why Californians who learn nothing are making Arizona more liberal. I do owe you an explanation as to my cryptic remark why video games prove Eurabia is coming.

          So, why my return? Well, I was attending a National Review sponsored party at Doyle's in the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood. Of course I wanted to meet the Corner gang. In addition to meeting Ramesh, Jonah, Rich and Katie, I also met some local bloggers. One was the poor bastard who is the token conservative on the Weekly Dig- which is like The Village Voice put together in a dorm room where the bong fumes are so thick they obscure the Che posters. Another attendee was Cantabrigian libertarian Steven Jens.

          Anyhow, when I mentioned my name, while introducing myself to some of the attendees and someone recognized it- from the comments on Tim Blair's blog. He also mentioned that it had not been updated since 2003. Big oops.

          About the convention: I have been largely avoiding the DNC footprint. I eschewed downtown during the event- paranoid visions of tear gas and molotov cocktails danced in my mind. Thankfully I was wrong. Indeed, around 2 PM Thursday I was able to drive from Storrow Drive to I-93 southbound in astonishingly little time (For non-Bostonians, Storrow Drive is the generally congested road along the Charles River. I-93, the focus of the 'Big Dig,' is perpetually congested. Both are notorious in a metropolis filled with choke points). Earlier I was in an astonishingly uncrowded Harvard Square. I chatted with some merchants who described the situation as 'quiet.' But the lack of the thronging crowds were eerily reminiscent of Evangelion, an anime that takes place after a catastrophe decimated mankind. As Howie Carr noted, everyone who could flee, has.

          It's not merely north of the Charles, either. Instead of helping local businesses, the convention- with its attendees eating free food at lobbyist parties whilst safely ensconced in their security cocoon is actually harming downtown.

          Around Boston, businesses anticipating a boost from the Democratic National Convention were left to stew in the disappointment of streets emptied by warnings about highway closures, rail line disruptions and huge crowds of outsiders.

          Mayor Menino, having been rescued from humiliating 'information lines' by Governor Romney, is undoubtedly less than thrilled with Kerry's high handedness and the detrimental effects of the convention. He is not alone in his anger. At a recent family gathering more than one person snarled about the convention center in South Boston. This white elephant, originally meant for the DNC, is not being used, though Romney suggested it. (There were fears during planning that it would not be completed in time. Though ready, the networks vetoed any use because of camera angle issues. Thanks, Dan, Tom, Peter.) If it were in Southie, there would have been MUCH less impact on the Hub's easily impacted thoroughfares. Additionally, the security would probably end up uncovering the rest of Whitey's death pits.

          Hopefully this disgruntlement will turn into something tangible. Massachusetts is politically odd, but not inexplicably so. Like a labor union, our political overclass is far to the left of most of the electorate, with one notable exception that will be discussed shortly. While many seem to believe that the Democrats and their veto proof majority are detrimental, they never hold their representative rouge accountable, if they even know or vote for the wretch. Of course the state Republicans barely fields any candidates, even for the U.S. Senate race in 2002 against... John Kerry. The one exception is the Governorship- the corner office. (Massachusetts has no governor's mansion.) No matter how much we like our guy, we want at least one break on the rest of the lot.

          However, this convention, held not in the patronage pit built for it, but in the arena abutting the mess from the seemingly endless construction, thus adding further to the chaos, will hopefully cause the voters to consider accountability regarding the party responsible for the building blocks of the fiasco- even if pepper spray did not waft through riot-torn downtown.

          Heck, it's only the second most important convention in Boston this year!