Tuesday, September 10, 2002


        I have a few frivolous posts on tap. Bashing the prestige press, week one in the NFL, salacious comments on actress Tiffany Limos, a tortured analogy comparing various writers to great offensive linemen and I do need to do a Captain Euro story. But following the examples of Vegard Valberg and Letter from Gotham I will maintain a respectful radio silence on 9-11. Those who should be heard do not need my frivolity distracting from their message. Those who should be ignored won't stop, but they will never learn.

        Before I depart, I will leave you with a few thoughts. Bloodthirsty barbarians committed a terrorist atrocity, killing thousands of my fellow countrymen. I will never forgive, nor forget. I will not moderate either my anger, nor desire to see their vile ideology wiped out and their supporters and cheerleaders reap their folly with interest. And I have no patience for those who follow either the spirit of Neville Chamberlain or the Vichy. Accommodation, appeasement and equviocation with evil is objectively siding with it. Ultimately, you can not be neutral between the arsonist and the fireman.


        Society A was built on the idea that a homeland would emancipate a dispossessed people. Regrettably, they did not consider the current inhabitants.

        Society B put their homes at risk in order to exterminate the uppity dhimni. They lost the gamble and blame everyone but themselves.

Medicine in society A:

Downstairs, before we left, the head of the hospital, an Israeli named Audrey, was showing me the children's waiting room. I couldn't help but notice, all around, an Arab woman with her son, an Arab family over there checking in, Arab children playing with the toys while waiting. The doctor saw the look on my face and laughed. "Oh, yes, we treat everyone." I guess I was astonished. She just shrugged. "We're Jews. This is how we live. It's also for the future. They're not going anywhere, and we're not going anywhere. There will eventually be peace. There has to be." When? A month? A year? A hundred years? More? She didn't know. I had to say it. You're incredible. You take everyone, you treat everyone, no one goes first, no one goes last, you just go in order of who needs help. That's, like, Mother Teresa stuff. "We're not saints, we're just doing our jobs. It's not easy, I admit. And it gets hard when they cheer when the bodies are brought in."

Medicine in society B:
        (Thanks to Charles Johnson)

A Hamas cell in Jenin was planning a double suicide bombing in Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer with the help of a doctor from Jenin, and a massive truck bomb that would blow up a Tel Aviv skyscraper, according to several indictments filed recently in the Samaria military court.
        Emphasis Mine.

        Society A is regularly condemned. Society B is the darling of the tout le monde.

        Those in Society B had better hope that Society A never follows their example.


        From Little Green Footballs. The ever dangerous Robert Crawford comments on a bit of Paliswine onanistic fantasy.

The booklet, which sells for only NIS 2, is entitled The Koran Anticipates the Destruction of the US and the Sinking of the American Army.

I'm planning a pamphlet entitled: "My Ass Predicts the Death of Thousands of Islamic Fascists".

In ten years we'll come back and compare results. I bet my ass predicts the future better than the Koran.

        I've heard of talking out of your butt...

        It does put an interesting light on the saying 'never write a check with your mouth your ass can't cash.


        Folks, here's an early alert for the next idiotarian conspiracy bullshit meme down the pike. I spotted this posting on Free Republic of this Ha'aretz article.

The Bank of Israel has obtained information that several accounts held in Israeli banks may have been used to fund terrorist activities. However, because of banking secrecy laws, the central bank has not handed details over to the Justice Ministry.

        OK, looks pretty straight forward. There are a few ways to look at it. Israel is, contrary to the idiotarians' propaganda, not quite the police state they portray it if the bank secrecy laws protect the terrorist. Also terrorism needs cash. During the post 9-11 investigation, ATM surveillance footage of Atta was uncovered. On at least one occasion he was glaring into the camera as an expected transference of funds failed.

        Also Arab Israelis have been caught aiding the Palestinian terrorists. So it is likely this is one of the accounts used. Even more interesting, when you think about it, is that the terrorists do not trust Arab financial institutions, preferring to use Western conduits.

        Why bring this up? Well, here are the money paragraphs.

        In October 2001, in the wake of the September 11 attacks on the United States, the Supervisor of Banks, Yitzhak Tal, ordered all banks in Israel to screen their customers' bank accounts and reports to him any account or financial activity of persons suspected of terrorist activity or connections with terrorists. The accounts were screened for persons and organizations appearing on a list published by U.S. authorities in accordance with a presidential decree issued shortly after the attacks.

        After completing screening of the accounts at the end of 2001, the banks handed over their findings to Tal. Several suspicious accounts and financial transactions were found. The Bank of Israel has confirmed the existence of accounts believed to have been connected to the financing of terrorist operations but refused to state how many suspect accounts had been uncovered and to which terrorist organizations they were connected.

        Now, look again at the FR posting. The person who posted the article is a well known Israel basher on FR who delights in finding anything either negative or misrepresentable about the Jewish state. And who has comment number 3? Yep. Justin Raimondo of 'antiwar.com.' In other words an underboss in the neo-isolationist wing of the 'hate America and death to Israel' mafia.

        If you re-read carefully the two paragraphs above, you will notice the dog that did not bark which in Justin's ears sounds like the hound of the Baskervilles. (2 point ref, but only for the first part of the analogy). There is no mention of which groups were involved or who they were targeting. It is as likely, if not more so, that these accounts, if they were for terrorism, were against Israelis, not Americans. As my contracts professor loved to say, 'There's less here than meets the eye."

        Of course, such inconvenient reality means little to Justin, who, when last heard from, was making an ass out of... well, not you and me, because we know he's a clymer who is full of chomsky, but himself and his fellow lemmings over the 'Israeli art student spy ring.' (Oh, by the way, the real story is not spying. It's about young Israelis, who have a free year after serving in the Tzahal, travel abroad. And they need money while travelling, so they sell artwork. Years before I heard of antiwar.com, I read an article about Israeli tourists in Japan who sold paintings to the locals. Sorry I can't quite recall where I saw the article, but it was either in the Jerusalem Post Magazine, or Jerusalem Report. But I digress.)

        You know he's going to spin a sinister involvement of Sharon sending money for nefarious, cabalistic schemes in the US. Why, in Justin's fevered mind, he's already writing this up as the smoking gun! They'll want to create some excitement since their beloved 'martyrs' have been conspicuously unsuccessful in murdering Israelis lately. So get ready for the next round of taurine scatology from these freakaziods.