Monday, May 15, 2006


          I make no excuse for the lack of posts. Well, beyond the fact that I have a new job and qualifying for it kept me busy. Then there was the fact that I am unsure how much to discuss about it.. But I suppose I can at least say this much. I am a bar advocate and I work out of a District Court in the central part of the Bay State.

GO ME!!!


Europe sucks. Let's face it; the best of their stock was destroyed in the trenches of the Western front, the ghettos, KZs and the Gulags. What was left now lives in the Anglosphere or Israel. Sure Eastern Europe seems to have a handful of sane left. But the rest seems to be determined to welcome dhiminitude. First came the disgraceful reactions to the Mohamed cartoons.

          The FIRST reaction should have been a stauch defense of the Western ideals of freedom of speech. Instead, there was hang-wringing by the multi-cults.

          Now comes the travials of MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali. So she lied to get in. How many literally calling for her head can survive a background check? Hirsi Ali is the second most famous woman in the history of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. She has some factors in common with the most famous one: both were immigrants and not ethnically Dutch. And both have been betrayed by the Dutch to satiate the barbaric desires of homicidal hordes. I hope that Minister Hirsi Ali ends up better off than that other famous woman I alluded too.

          The darkness is engulfing Belgium. Like the tourists who bought baby alligators in the 50s, Europe brought Islamic populations in thinking them harmless. But like the gators, the populations grew. And they have teeth and muscles.

          'Just some cheap labor.' And there is nothing more expensive than cheap labor. Especially cheap labor who has not been encouraged or allowed to assimilate and is stewing angrily in ghettos. *

          More dangerously, the multi-cults see them as political allies. So they're willing to sacrifice a few luxuries to appease them. Minor things like free speech, women's rights (or at least poor women's rights), safe streets and the Jewish community. So they pay the metaphorical Dane-Geld. And that only encourages the metaphorical Dane. This is at the expense of the real Danes.





  *Yeah, I'll get to Bush's speech tonight.