Tuesday, June 11, 2002


        Folks, blogging is going to be erratic at best, non-existent at worst for the next month or so. See, I'm studying for the bar. That means four hours of classes Monday through Friday 6-10 PM. Plus I work Tuesday through Saturday on the night shift 11 PM -7 AM. Sunday I sleep.

        One incident I should mention. The lecturer on Contracts is a blond guy from the University of Alabama who speaks with a broad southern accent. His name is David Epstein. I am not joking. Professor Epstein used some quintessentially Dixie illustrations as examples. Any time Uniform Commercial Code Section 2, which as we all know deals with the sale of goods, was discussed, the sale of grits would be involved.

        The problem was when he had to use an example for consideration with a preexisting statutory or contractual duty rule. He used a Kinky Friedman concert for his example. Now I'm not a huge fan of 'The Kinkster,' but I have heard of him. However, during a break, apparently (I saw the taped lecture), several people went up to complain about the example, convinced that he was using an anti-Semitic slur. The professor assured the listeners that the Kinkster was a real person. He also added that he was glad he did not mention the singer's backup band 'The Texas Jewboys.'

        Some people.

Sunday, June 09, 2002


Even a Kennedy is not immune to justice, unless his last name is Kennedy. Then he’s scot free!


Someone needs a leave desperately!