Monday, December 23, 2002


        When will I learn? I was posting a comment on Free Republic about Spike Lee's firm making ads for Pepsi. I wanted to be acerbic and imply that Lee's presence would hurt Pepsi's business. However, given my propensity for typos... No. Read it for yourself.


        I was in Harvard Square Saturday- I had walked from my Brookline apartment, seeking to see something other than the same four walls. While there, I noticed on the Hudson News side of JFK street a sign urging motorists to 'Honk to say No to War in Iraq.' The sign (complete with stick, making it look like a leftover from some demo or another' was taped to a lamppost.

        Now this was in ultra liberal Cambridge, on the last Saturday before Christmas. And you know how Boston drivers are, especially in jaywalker territory like Harvard Square. So you will also know why it was so remarkable that nary a beep could be heard. And in the time it took to enjoy a pot of Moroccan Mint at TeaLuxe, someone tore the sign down and pitched it into the trash.

Sunday, December 22, 2002


        Kudos to the Village Voice for contradicting my rant below. Normally I snarl the only good thing in the paper is Nat Hentoff. But on last week’s issue the cover story, by Tom Robbins, was an excellent look at the cadets at West Point. Refreshingly the tone of the article is not sneering or accusatory. Instead there is a tone of careful respect as the author clearly is putting aside many of his preconceived notions.

       For the National Review, that would be an ordinary article. For the Voice it is an act of courage.


        Since I've brought up liberal prejudices, let's look at their biggest focus of contempt- the military. The hatred the post Vietnam left has for our servicepeople is shocking. Here it is at its sleaziest at the Fark Forums.

  • MC_500foot_Nietzsche: Anyone who risks their own life for Bush's moronic personal vendetta are idiots.
  • Harmonia:Osama says
    "thanks for missing me and recruiting lots of new members of my organisation, keep up the good work in 2003"
  • EmJSea: Dear Soldier/Soldierette,
    Sarcastic: Thanks for being so homophobic and p*ssified that the thought of someone checking out your @ss in the showers makes you so scared that you can't perform your duties.

    Heartfelt: Thanks for getting in the way of bullets for me so that I can suck d*ck in relative comfort and enjoy films such as "Marine Barracks Gloryholes Parts 1-6" in relative comfort and security.
  • Speedyj: good luck in Iraq! Don't kill *too* many innocent civilians while you're out there risking your @ss for Bush's oil.
  • Jochem: hope your death in Iraq will be quick and not painful.

        Fortunately the sensible parties on Fark are flaming back against the blockhead pinkos. But it shows how clueless, loathsome and disgusting they remain. These gobs of idiotic venom demonstrate how little the left's paradigms have changed since the days of bell bottoms. That's why the lefties so love speech codes and 'campaign finance reform'. They know their warmed over ideas would lose out in the marketplace of ideas. So they need captive audiences.

        Courtesy of John Hawkins.


        TV ratings poison Bryant Gumbel may join on Harold Rraines' anti-Augusta bandwagon, but according to the New York Post's Page Six, he comes with baggage- membership in an all male club.

        Martha Burk, who chairs the National Council of Women's Organizations, said Gumbel admitted to her off-camera that he was a member of the exclusive Burning Tree Club in Bethesda, Md., while profiling her on "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel," in an installment to air Tuesday on HBO.

        "I told him it was wrong and he shouldn't [belong to the club]," Burk said. "He mentioned it to me and I said, 'Bryant, you're wrong to do this. It's the wrong kind of statement to make not only to the public but also to your own daughter. I think you need to reconsider what you're doing in terms of the public statement that it makes.' "

        The HBO show will not include Burk's tirade against Gumbel because it happened off-camera. Burk says she wanted to bring it up but, "he had control of the interview."

        In the world of the liberals, the one true evil is hypocrisy and they mercilessly assail conservatives who fail to live up to the standards they espouse. Avoiding hypocrisy is easy if you have few standards for yourself. So a preacher who has an affair is worse than a terrorist for a correct cause. Of course they rarely attack those fellows on their side who fail to live up to liberal ideals (CF Hymietown).


        A mass, crybaby adolescence has infected the Middle East.

        Victor Davis Hanson