Wednesday, November 27, 2002


Not that I’m a great blogger, but I’ll be away for a week enjoying the sun at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

Monday, November 25, 2002


        Proudly bellicose woman Kathy Kinsley, who has read my ‘Not in Our Name’ rant points out this web page. Read it. Then add your signature.


        The poor Petro-bandit princes of the House of Sod are having a wee bit of trouble. Their attempts at PR to seduce the American people are falling flat. The Senate is asking difficult questions about the princes' role in funding 9-11. Imagine that. The nerve of those elected representatives calling the Wahabbi warlords on the carpet!

        Gee, for the good old days when you only had to deal with those pliable fellows from the State Department- the guys who were so keen on entering the oil industry afterwards that they shaft their own countrywomen who had foolishly wedded Saudis and now regretted it. And they were so helpful with visas. But now those damn parliamentarians interfered. Not only is Visa express gone, the Homeland Security bill has banned any 3rd party screening processes (to prevent Visa Express's revival) and to add insult to injury an on-site Homeland security person has to approve the application. And they may not even be friendly and know how things are done in the Kingdom.

        So, here's a hint you loathsome, avaricious gluttons... 15 of 19. That's the only fact about your oily sand pit and its greasy kleptocrats most Americans care.