Wednesday, December 31, 2003


        Interesting Globe article about friction between the petro plutocracts who travel to Pakistan to hunt the houbara bustard and the local tribesmen who are, prickly at their best. At their worst... well, remember this?

        Brings to mind Wilde's quip about fox hunting, "The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable." Or considering how egregious both sides are, maybe Kissenger's quip on the Iran/Iraq war that it was a shame they could not both lose.

        Anyhow, the oil barons seem to continue the Arab tradition of abusing hospitality and trying to take over for themselves. In Afghanistan, the Arabs of Al-Qaida treated the Taliban as second class terrorists. In Europe (Most of the article requires a subscription, but, according to Peretz, "In Belgium, they already want Arabic as a national language." And let's not forget the Israel.

        The West is damned for its colonialism, imperialism and expansionism. But these days, they are not the most egregious practitioners of such sins.


        Death pool substitution on my roster. Bob Dole is out. Replacing his is Joseph Barbera the master of mediocre animation who bears a great deal of responsibility for much of my mis-spent youth.

From Milan, to Yucatan/ Every Woman and Every Man

        I'm back. The tan and magartia hangovers are fading. Just going to post a few quickies before my New Year's eve date.