Friday, December 13, 2002


        Annoying actor Sean Penn is in Baghdad for three days. That's a short window to begin bombing!

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        Attention anti-idiotarians shoppers, especially in the Boston area... the bastards are at it again and we need to use our wallets to tell them to shove off.
See, a band of self-hating Jews calling themselves 'Jewish Women for Justice' have been picketing Wordsworth, one of the best bookstores in the region. Why? Because the proprietor, Hillel Stavis stopped giving to NPR (AKA National Pinko Radio, AKA National Palestinian Radio) because of their incessant anti-Israel bias. Stavis joined in the boycott in reaction to... well, see for yourself.

        Typically, these protestors hypocritically accuse others of 'censorship' when they support NPR's incessant one sided reporting.

        Stavis is not taking this sitting down.

        Stavis fought back, standing next to his opponents on the sidewalk. As patrons entered his store, he distributed fliers of his own with a bold red headline: "These Anti-Israel Demonstrators Are Preparing The Next Holocaust."

        So this is a call to all anti-idiotarians. Support Stavis. Buy at Wordsworth! Defy the idiotarians! Buy online if you are not in Beantown. And if you can get to the People's Republic of Cambridge go there!

Tuesday, December 10, 2002


        September 11th 2001 the New York Times had a front page puff-piece about convicted 60s terrorist Bill Ayers. Ayers attempted to bomb the Pentagon and was unrepentant. "I don't regret setting bombs.... I feel we didn't do enough." The Times wound up with a great deal of egg on its face that the sympathy Pulitzers did little to wipe off.

        Well, Raines' rag is at it again. Today, front page, below the fold is more drool over the detritus of the Weather Underground.

        As with the other triumphs of his young life, Chesa Boudin was unable to celebrate with his parents on Saturday afternoon when he was named a Rhodes scholar. He could not even share the good news.

        As maximum-security inmates in the New York State prison system, Katherine Boudin and David Gilbert are barred from receiving telephone calls or e-mail messages.

        Gee, why do the establishment meanies keep this bright, precious lad from his parents?

        His parents, members of the 1970's radical group the Weathermen, have been in prison since he was 14 months old, for roles in a 1981 Brink's robbery in Rockland County in which two police officers and a guard were killed. They missed his Phi Beta Kappa award, high school graduation, Little League games.

        That is the extent of the discussion of the crimes. The victims are unnamed. Their murders are less relevant than the fact that Chsea does not have easy access to his parents. So long as prisons have visiting hours, he'll have more access than the families of the three people his folks helped to murder. Not 'killed.' Murder.

        I do not give a damn about this twerp. His parents can be Simon Adebisi's catamites for all I care. 'Reporter' Jodi Wilgoren may coo over his 18 tattoos (including the Weatherman logo) and his neat pinstripe suit. As a reader, I would have been far better served by an article about the families of the cops and security guard. There must be a segment at the Times whose main horror about 9-11 is that it made policemen into respected heroes. How they must pine for the days when they could yell 'Pig' to the delight of the rest of their cocktail party going crowd.

        Of course these same clowns wonder why their readers increasingly ignore the New York Times, instead turning to the Fox News, the New York Post, Washington Times, Matt Drudge, Glenn Reynolds, the Weekly Standard and Rush Limbaugh.


        Speaking of stupidity in the pages of the Times, letter writer Hilary Dunst screeches...

        It was not Bill Clinton's "preoccupation with the Monica threat to his future" that "diluted his focus on the Qaeda threat to our future" but rather the Republican obsession with what was, and should have remained, a misguided but meaningless sexual peccadillo.

        I know the mythology has created an impenetrable force-field around your skull, but the issue was Paula Corbin Jones was denied a fair shot at justice. And the law that made the 'peccadillo' relevant was signed into law by Bill Clinton. My America provides equal justice for all. Even in a case pitting 'trailer trash' against the highest lawmaker in the land.

        Far too many of the Times' readers and writers curse the proles for making dents in the speeding limos as they barrel recklessly though life.

Monday, December 09, 2002


        Jay Caruso takes on celebrity activism and succinctly hits one out of the park.

The day people start taking political advice from the likes of Uma Thurman is the day I declare my allegiance to Soviet Canuckistan.

        (Link thanks to Croooow Blog)

        As Sir Humprhey Applebey said when Jim Hacker wanted to make his mark on the world stage, "People on stages are called actors. All they are required to do is stay sober, look plausible, and say the lines they are given in the right order. Those that try to make up their own lines generally do not last long."

        Thanks to Scott Wickstein at 'The Eye of the Beholder' for saving me the effort of actually looking for the quote in a book.


        From a US Navy recruiting poster...

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of those who threaten it!"


        Unlike the Vietnam era protesters, the idiotarians are not getting a free ride. A month or two ago I was tearing down anti-war signs in Cambridge (normally I don’t do such things, but these PC sphincters are so in love with censorship that it is healthy to give them a taste of it themselves). As I was going to hurl another handful of photocopied propaganda pamphlets I looked into the trash barrel and noted that someone else had threw in fliers there as well. Indeed as I walked down Mass Ave, I noted more fliers in the trash than on the walls or lampposts, which are normally festooned with such propaganda in the Cantabrigian People’s Republic.

        On the left coast, software dude Napoleon Cole proves himself cleverer and crueler than me as he harasses some peaceniks by pretending he is one of their more unsavory allies. Pathetically, many of his victims are too ignorant to recognize the joke is on them.

        I've found a formula that I like, and so I try it out again a few blocks away on a group of young girls with antiwar Greenpeace-type stickers all over them.

        "Hey chicks? Do you dames know where I can find a pro-Saddam rally?"

        They respond (no kidding): "Uh, I don't know. We just came from one. I think there's something at Garfield High School or something."

        "Oh, OK." I hold up my fist again: "End women's suffrage!"

        They respond with smiles: "Peace! See ya."

        I guess that’s why we call them idiotarians.