Saturday, May 18, 2002


        I wrote to Grand Marnier, writing why I would not be buying their product for a while. I received this reply.

Dear Sir,

The only thing I can say is that I couldn't agree more with you!
I'm ashamed by our politicians and their constant rambling about
how the muslim extremists are not responsible for their actions.
Believe me when I say that I am getting sick and tired of their
so called politically correct statements which are always backed
up by the brain washing medias. Unfortunately for us, we are governed
by people most of us didn't vote for...

I'm not trying to make you change your mind but only underlining the fact
that although French, I've been ashamed of their international policy
and their constant propaganda for quite a while now.

PS: This situation is unfortunately not new as I recall clearly the same
thing happening when the christians were slaughtered by the muslim extremists
back in the Lebanon war and this with the blessing of the French governement
and many others. Inaction should sometimes be consisered a crime...


Gilles Coury

Internet & Multimedia Director

        Being from Massachusetts, I can empathize with having a vote but not candidates.

        When I end to boycott, it’ll definitely be with a snifter of GM. And not on the rocks!


        Two excellent pieces in the Boston Phoenix this week. The first, by David Brudnoy, the legendary WBZ talkmaster, tears apart the Israel haters in his genteel manner.

    The simple principle that the victor in a war brought on by an attack against it has the full right and a moral obligation to pacify the enemy, including occupying territory from which the aggression was launched (and continues to be launched), makes scarcely a dent in the minds of folks who call talk shows, mine among them, or who trudge off to "peace" rallies. Nor does it influence those who take their cues from the manifestly anti-Israel news reporting on National Public Radio or the opinion pieces in many liberal newspapers and magazines - all of which view Israeli and Palestinian actions in terms of moral equivalence. With press coverage like this, it's not surprising that Palestinian sympathizers see the Israeli presence in the territories as "occupation" in the most illegitimate sense of the term.

       The second is a diary of an Israeli soldier, Adam Harmon.

    When Israelis hear all the hoopla about Jenin, mostly coming from Europe and the Arab world, they shake their heads in frustration. Israelis figure that Europeans blame Israel for bad behavior because they want to create a sense of equivalence that will alleviate the guilt they feel about European atrocities committed during World War II. Most Israelis think that European leaders are hostage to Arab oil and money or are possessed by the residual anti-Semitism that has reared its ugly head over the last few weeks. Whatever the reason, the Europeans' eagerness to blame Israel is so knee-jerk that few Israelis take their comments seriously. When it comes down to it, Israelis care only what America thinks.

        Unlike most 'alternative' rags, the Phoenix is defying the lemming left with a pro-Israel editorial stance.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002


        After reading Uri Dan in today’s New York Post, one would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh. Arafat canceled his trip to Jenin because he would face a hostile audience. Here’s one reason why.

      Sources said a major reason for anti-Arafat sentiment is allegations that 10 tons of donated food never got there.

      Half of the food was allegedly sold by Arafat's Palestinian Authority to raise cash, and the other half went to Palestinian Authority stockpiles.

        Regrettably not included in the online version of the article is this fine whine from an unemployed construction worker named Ahmed Nawasrah. “We’ve lost our houses, we’ve lost our sons and we’ve gotten nothing.”

        Considering Jenin… sorry Jeningrad… was the launching pad for the human anti-shopper/ teenybopper missiles, I’d say Ahmed and company got the inevitable backlash. But they should treasure the big nothing they do still have. The one named Arafat.

        This was in also the article…

      The tension in the camp was underlined when, shortly after Arafat left, two members of his Fatah faction argued about who had fought the Israelis more bravely - and one shot the other in the leg.

Absolutely priceless


        Boss Frog attacks messenger. Jack-off Chirac got snippy at Arik Sharon because Zionists don’t like his Vichy swabs.

During the telephone conversation Saturday with the Israeli leader, Chirac expressed his displeasure over "an anti-French campaign in Israel, aimed to present France as an anti-Semitic country," Chirac's spokeswoman Catherine Colonna said, in remarks printed in Monday's Le Monde newspaper.

        Here’s a hint. The perception isn’t caused by a sinister cabal of the Elders of Zion. It’s caused by reading about your government’s onanism towards the Adjacent Jew-Haters, Judeopathic remarks by clowns in your government, Le Pen and, oh yes, the upsurge in violence against Jews and Jewish institutions that have swept France.

        Maybe Daniel Bernard could help. Meanwhile, here’s a hint, Jack-off. Start booting jihad screamer glutes. Then maybe the perception will change.

        What a sphincter.

Monday, May 13, 2002



        I wish to tell you how much I have enjoyed your product. I never considered myself a vodka drinker before encountered your product. Indeed there is a half-empty bottle currently in my freezer.

        Regrettably, it seems to be the last one I shall purchase in the foreseeable future. I am boycotting French products in protest of the anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli statements, actions and acts of nonfeasance in your country. While Jews are attacked in broad daylight and synagogues are desecrated and burned down, the French government criticizes those who call attention to the violence and only decry it in the most vague and mealy-mouthed terms. What is called for is strong law enforcement. The attackers are not Le-Pen supporters as many in France would like to pretend. They are the Islamic thugs of the suburbs. Their intrinsic political correctness should be no shield from law enforcement. Indeed France needs to learn the lesson of New York and how its crime rate plummeted. The inaction of law enforcement in your country to take corrective proactive measures casts France is a poor light.

        Almost as bad is the French government attacking Israelis for responding to Palestinian terrorists murdering women and children in supermarkets discos and bat-mitzvahs. These murders are not a response to ‘occupation’ but a rejection of the peace overtures. And finally I am disgusted that French politicians discussing the subject of Jews and Israel in tones worthy of the black days of Vichy and L`affaire Dreyfus. How dare French politicians demand American Jews be silent and not defend their besieged co-religionists in French and Israel.

        I look forward to the day when I can buy Grey Goose Vodka in clean conscience. Until then I shall stick to gin and rum and any and all other booze not made in France.

        I will be sending similar e-mails to the makers of Chambord, Grand Marnier, Cointreau and other spirits made in France.

        BTW, the Grey Goose Website is overdesigned and not user-friendly. It's too hip by half.


From Rush and Molloy at the N.Y. Daily News.

It was celebrity wrestling at its finest Friday when Jon Stewart
and Susan Sarandon grappled over politics and world affairs at Pace University.

The activist actress urged Americans to try to learn what is behind the hate that leads
to terrorist acts.

"When you have a guy who thinks the best act is to blow himself up, along with
others, you have to ask, 'What leads to that?'" she asked. "And is the response
more violence? A cowboy shoot-'em-up?"

Stewart immediately retorted: "Getting us to understand that is like asking black
people to understand why the Klan puts on pointy white hats." He then called Sarandon
a "pinko."

Affectionately. We think.

Accurately, I say.