Wednesday, May 01, 2002


        I was irked by a detail in this otherwise inspirational story. Two soldiers earned the Soldier’s Medal for heroic actions following the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11. Army Sgt.1st Class Donald S. 'Steve' Workman rescued a badly burned Navy Lt. Kevin Shaeffer from the wreckage, while Colonel George Zahaczewsky, at risk of life and limb, helped others to evacuate.

        My problem is with the specific award they received: the Soldier’s Medal. In 1922, the Soldier’s Medal was established as an Army recognition, “for acts of heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy.” 9/11 was an attack by an enemy. This is a war and we need to treat it as such, especially in the recognition we give our heroes.
Combat ribbons have been awarded for heroism done in the foe’s aftermath.

        Sgt. Workman and Colonel Zahaczewsky should have received the appropriate ribbon for their courageous actions in the combat zone the foe created in northern Virginia. Anything else belittles both their actions and the enormity of 9/11.


        So, Israel, after compromising with Arafat gets violence as a reward. There is no way the Pals are not responsible for the fires and gun battle. Arafat was in communication with the gunmen who stormed the church while he was cornered in Ramallah. Apparently he encouraged their intransigence.

        So, why order this battle when things were finally getting calmer? PR.

        With the Jenin Massacre proved to be an urban legend, his six buddies off to Ad Seg in Jericho [2 point ref] and his gunmen’s depredations (stealing of crosses and holding kids hostage in the basement) sure to come out, Arafat needed to give the Jews a black eye. I can easily imagine him ordering his men to start the fires and then shoot at the Israelis. That way he could scream about the holy places for the cameras now that he could be in front of them.

        Even before there was a CNN Yassir’s stratagems were made for TV. He has the Al-Jazeera lumpen in their normal, shrill blood crazed frenzy. Now he wants to inspire the same hate among the Christians.

        That having been said, I generally do not belive in conspiracy theories. I am substitious, not superstitious [5 point ref]. I use Saran Wrap and not aluminum foil for my fine chapeau [2 point ref]. So here are two of my anti-conspiracy theories.

  1. bin-Laden is likely dead and has been for months. Al Qeada can not admit it because the truth would be devastating for morale. Also possible is that they do not know he is dead because… well, imagine him traveling with a small group under a communications blackout for security. Then imagine an AC-130 seeing the party making their way through a pass one night. Chunky Salsa effect. [4 point ref]

  2. The cover-ups in the Catholic Church are not because of any sinister blackmailing pedophilic cabal. The problem is with an institution which has to discipline its own will be biased towards its insiders. The issue is not the fox guarding the chicken coop but the vulpine jury that follows. This is true of almost any institution, be it a state bar ethics committee, the armed forces, Congress or an archdiocese.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002


(2 point ref)

        Looks like the Jenin Clouseau squad did not reach its third trimester. Sharon deftly wielded a coat hanger of Israeli demands that the world body could not accept.

“Israel initially agreed to the formation of the fact-finding U.N. team, but then raised a number of concerns. Israel wants a say over who can be called as a witness and what documents will be presented to the panel, and insists that Israeli soldiers be protected from prosecution. Israel wants more counterterrorism experts to be added to the group, and demands that activities by Palestinian militants in the camp also be scrutinized. “

        My spider-sense tells me the last was the deal-breaker. As David Tell points out the U.N. was intimately involved with the Jenin terror apparatus. The Palestinians are the clientele of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and, in the best Sir Humphrey Appleby tradition, the problems have increased to meet the demands of the social workers. That, and the fact the Arabs need a stick with which to beat the Jews, has kept hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in refugee camps fifty four years after Al Naqba and almost a decade after the formation of the Palestinian Authority.

And from Todd Zwacko, whose five points are coming...

It is a transition to another, more beautiful world, because he knows
very well that within seconds he will see the light of the Creator.

Crow: and be crushed beneath the the wheels of his oncoming ford


Remove the Apache [helicopter] from the equation,

Servo: <Albert Einstein voice> Eureka, the thzeory of


leave them one-on-one with the Palestinian people

Joel: I never realized the Palestinian people were so into


None in the [Western] world sacrifices his life for his homeland. If
his homeland is drowning, he is the first to jump ship

Crow:  I'm confused Joel.  If his homeland is drowning why
would the cowardly western dog leave his ship?

Joel:  Yeah, I think Dr. Sadeq may have mixed his metaphors
a little.  Oh, and don't say western dog.


I equate your stupidity with mercilessness and inhumanity, and swear
that I knew you were stupid long before it became known to the entire world, and
before your cronies admitted it.

Servo: <nasally, whiney voice> I did.  I really did. 
Just ask anyone.


Vegard Valberg throws down the proverbial gauntlet with his MSTing of the egregious Dr. Sadeq’s comments of President Bush's intelligence and the mental makeup of suicide bombers.

You’ve probably seen this photo of Cristie Kerr celebrating her triumph at the LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge. All I have to add is speculation if Longs Drugs is a euphemism for Viagra.

And I won’t ask if it brings a new meaning to the word ‘FOREskin!’


        Well, lurkers! I smell you and I feel your air. I hear your breath. Come along! Help yourself again, there is plenty and to spare! [1 point ref.]

        I’ve handed out my first points. The first two head to Damian J. Penny of the Great White North and he get two points so long as he’s not a fan of the Canadiens. But I kid you. I only discriminate against fans of the Jets and Yankees. Besides, the Broons (sic) had much to be ashamed about, between the thugishness and self-immolation. Mr. Penny provides an excellent ref (noted on his site). Somewhere I MUST mention Dr. Sadeq’s training at the Lovenstein Institute of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

        Hot on his heels came a missive from Norwegian Blogger Vegard Valberg, who took the half-point ref for the 1984 ref and mentioned his own related comments on this crisis.

        And they were both kind enough to mention that I’ve been bookmarked. More pressure to perform.



        When the Mossad/IDF whacked Abu Jihad in Tunisia in 1988, everyone knew the Israelis were responsible, despite their automatic denials. The clue? They did not kill his wife who was in bed next to him. Why do I bring this up? Well, when Palestinian 'activists' (as the New York Times likes to call them) attacked the Adora settlement they murdered five-year-old Danielle Shefi in her crib.

        Then, when danger raised it's ugly head, the boldly turned their tails and fled.[1 point ref.]

        People say, 'One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.' My freedom fighters do not TARGET civilians. Your terrorists do.


        MEMRI continues its vital translating services by providing the ravings of Dr. Adel Sadeq, chairman of the Arab Psychiatrists Association and head of the Department of Psychiatry at Ein Shams University in Cairo. After reading his nonsense, you have to wonder if this is a shrink, what are his patients like?

       There are two entries from under his smogberry trees [1 point ref]. The first claims that his expert diagnosis, from thousands of miles away and on TV is that Bush is 'Stupid.' And to dive home his conclusion he puts 'stupid' in every sentence so it reads like a temper tantrum. The next entry is an interview where he proves War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength [.5 point ref, everyone should know this!] and "The psychological structure [of the perpetrator of a suicide attack] is that of an individual who loves life." It is a diagnosis that is reminiscent of the Soviet shrinks who claimed that dissidence was a mental illness.

        After reading this crapola, I asked myself 'Where are Mike (or Joel, you darn purists) when you need them?' (That's the segue…)

Although you invest a lot of effort in proving yourself,

Crow: Louis Rukeyser meets Dale Carnegie!

you are not successful in doing so because you are stupid and understand nothing about what is happening in the world.

Mike: The voices in his head keep him up to date...

'Stupidity' and 'idiocy' are synonyms…

Crow: I prefer peppermints!

and if you don't like the word 'stupid,' you are an evil person with an ugly soul.

Tom: Us tools of Satan prefer 'foolish.'

I equate your stupidity with mercilessness and inhumanity,

Mike: Sure. Only dumb people are evil.

… and swear that I knew you were stupid long before it became known to the entire world, and before your cronies admitted it.

Crow: He believes everything Michael Moore says?

        And that's just the opening two paragraphs! The rest is as target rich an environment!

Don't you understand, stupid, that Israel does not want peace?

Tom: That's why they aggressively returned the Sinai to Egypt. Hmmm?

When the martyr dies a martyr's death, he attains the height of bliss…

Mike: 'Bliss' being defined as the agony of your body being torn to shreds.

As a professional psychiatrist, I say that the height of bliss comes with the end of the countdown: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. And then, you press the button to blow yourself up.

Tom: And he also prefers auto-erotic asphyxiation to Viagra.

None in the [Western] world sacrifices his life for his homeland.

Mike: Rodger Young is so climbing out of his grave to pimp-slap this bozo!

If his homeland is drowning, he is the first to jump ship. In our culture it is different.

Crow: Yeah, that's why all the Americans are leaving Detroit and starting Seven-Elevens throughout Dar-Al-Islam.

There are no Israeli civilians.

Tom: Every Zionist fetus is armed!

The child who threw a stone in 1993 today wraps himself in an explosive belt.

Crow: And won't have kids to throw stones or blow himself up.

Remove the Apache [helicopter] from the equation, leave them one-on-one with the Palestinian people with the only weapon [for both sides] being dynamite. Then you will see all the Israelis leave, because among them there is not even one man willing to don a belt of dynamite...
Mike: Like the great Arab victory in 1948?

Tom: He'll start bitching again when Israelis use the unfair tactic of THROWING the dynamite at the Pals.

Crow: Adel, there's this general outside, want to discuss the concept of making the other poor bastard dying for his country…

       OK folks, you have the link. I want to post a full MSTing of this bozo's gibberings, so I ask for your help. Read the mad shrink's entry. I will award one point per riff. Two or more if they're really good. Good luck!


        Glenn Reynolds, discussing a Ralph Peters piece in, writes, "The Arabs were hopeless before Islam, they were hopeless at Islam's peak, and they're hopeless today."

        I would have to disagree somewhat. Before the Ottomans took it all over, there were powerful Arab empires.

        But this brings up the important point that Islam and Arabs are not the same sets, though they cover the same ground. Peter notes…


"Three non-Arab countries, Indonesia, India and Pakistan, contain nearly half the world's Muslims. Add those of Central Asia, Turkey, the Philippines, Malaysia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Azerbaijan and that struggling, vilified democracy, Iran, and the Arab states begin to look as overvalued as they are recalcitrant. Even Nigeria is more promising in the long term than Egypt."

        But Islamofascism is popular even in non-Arab states. Bin-Laden is adored in Pakistan and Bangladesh. A Christian village was attacked and 14 Christians were murdered in Indonesia. Nigeria is ripped apart by civil war as the corrupt central government tries to impose Shia'ria.

        Yes, Turkey can be counted as at least demi-Western and there are others who pray to Mecca who are not the enemy, but confronting our civilization is a hydra with heads labeled Fatah, Hizbouallah, Al Qaeda, Iraq, Iran, Syria and others. They are not all Arab, but all part of the aggressive, expansionistic and totalitarian. That is why I prefer the term 'Islamofascist.'

Monday, April 29, 2002


        Yassir is already reneging on his deal to spring his sorry hide from the Ramallah hoosegow. The original understanding was the four assassins of tourist minister Rechavam Ze'evi, their boss and Fuad Shubaki, the man responsible for the Karine-A, were to be imprisoned under US/UK turnkeys.

        Oh, and the breakthrough at the Church of the Nativity seems to be going up in smoke as well.

        Yassir is the kind of guy who’d insert a dummy hand into Fenris’ mouth then call himself honorable.


        The House of Sod (Thank you James Lileks for that perfect phrase…) AKA Muddle Incorporated has hit a snag in Operation Desert Smokescreen. Not only are Americans not buying their ‘Forget the 15 of 19,’ spin, the Sand fascists are not able to buy air time at nine cable networks, including A&E, AMC, Bravo, History Channel, Lifetime, USA Network and The Weather Channel.

        The most telling bit from the article came from Barbie Johnson, CEO of Creative Cable Television, the agency trying to purchase airtime for the Sods.

“Ms. Johnson said she is not placing her Saudi spots in New York or Washington. Both of those cities were targets of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.”

        Facts can be inconvenient. Or is that inconwenient, Prince Ludwig? (4 point ref!)