Thursday, January 09, 2003


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Monday, January 06, 2003


        Kudos to Senator Bill Frist. The newly installed Senate Majority Leader was doing his normal non-senatorial activity, saving lives. He came upon a scene of a traffic accident and along, with a number of medical professionals, cared for the injured. Frist performed triage. According to Capt. Ken Kronheim of the Broward County Fire and Rescue Department, "He was instrumental in helping us sort out the critical patients."

        The survivors were loaded into ambulances, which Senator John Edwards promptly chased.

        Yeah. It was a cheap shot. But I'm much nicer than Doug Denver who declared...

        GOP Senators stop at car accidents and render aid.

        DNC Senators swim from car accidents and let young women drown.

        Hat tip to Insignificant Thoughts.

        Even less charitable was Opinionjournal. "In fairness to the Democrats, we should point out that they too have a physician-lawmaker, Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington state, a psychiatrist. McDermott has been known to administer not only aid but comfort."

        So, John Edwards is throwing his hat into the ring. Listening to the daytime talk radio in town I noticed the hosts and listeners focuses on his wealth, not how he earned his $14 million dollars.

        There are material reasons, as well, for Republicans to go after trial lawyers: the large corporations that generally support Republicans are frequently subject to lawsuits that exact damage awards in the millions of dollars. Small businesses fear trial lawyers even more. A sizable judgment against a Fortune 500 company at most knocks down its stock price; but it can drive a small business into bankruptcy. The National Federation of Independent Business, the main small-business group instrumental in crafting the president's tax cut, is equally involved in guiding tort-reform initiatives.

        The writer falls into the fallacious liberal meme that Republican means rich. Big corporations (Like Enron and Global Crossing) have been giving more to the Democrats. Dick Polman of the Philadelphia Inquirer notes that "In the 2000 election cycle, for example, big business gave 42 percent of its largess to the party and its candidates."

        The small business donors are finding the GOP more attuned to their needs, especially on the issue of not feeding the plaintiff's bar, a major client of the Democrats.

        Now is the time to push for tort reform, when communities are losing their doctors. (Doctors, unable to by the legislative Theodens from their shyster Grimas are resorting to the desperate tactic of saying, "If you want the gall bladder out, ask James Freaking Sokolov to do it!" And it's not just in the Mountaineer state. Even in the echo chamber of the New York Times opinion pages, concern is being voiced. An agressive push on the issue is what is needed.

        Getting back to Frist, John Hawkins must have a cast iron stomach to be able to wade through the DU sewer. Here's some of the fantasies being spewed in the fewer swamp...

        "I nominate him for "Emergenc y Surgeon General"....jesus, a couple years ago he supposedly rescued a Capitol cop who had been shot...??? WTF? This guy is really Superman. He miraculously appears whenever someone is injured....gimme a f*ckin' break.."

        If they can get away with killing Wellstone Two nobodies should be no sweat for KKKarl Rove and co."

        "IF it's true ( I doubt it) BFD the man is a freaking doctor. that's what doctors are supposed to do. Of course , being a republican it would be amaing if he did the right ."

        Keep up the hate and paranoia, folks. It'll make your political immolation all the more delicious.