Thursday, December 19, 2002


        James Lileks continues to prove why he is one of the best phrasemakers writing in his latest screed.

        You know, if every "Woman's Studies" department was closed, and the student loans were used to create businesses that hired women instead of studied them like tragic butterflies impaled on the patriarchal pin, we might be better off.

        Give that man a MacArthur Grant!

        But seriously, folks, I had pointed out a mention of Little Green Footballs in this bleat...

        For approximately 10 hours, nearly every single fever-induced plotline, image, character and non sequitar was funneled through the metaphor of the Little Green Footballs webpage. That's what my poor overclocked brain used to sort and process all the gibberish. New plotlines were understood as new blog entries. There was also running plot about buying large chunks of space on LGF for $500, and whether the website could be used to smuggle antiquities. This went on, as I said, for ten hours.

        Charles Johnson credited me with being the first to bring it to his attention and suddenly, my blog, which had been getting less than ten hits a day now has a burst in the triple digits. Well, now, as my cousin Danny noted, I have to update this sucker more often. Like daily.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002


        In this otherwise solid examination of the resurgence of anti-Semitism on college campuses, Professor
Ruth Wisse offers the following advice in combating the plague.

        The last thing university authorities ought to do in addressing this latest outbreak of what has been called "the longest hatred" is to enforce the kind of speech codes that have been invoked to protect other sensitive minorities.

        With all due respect to Professor Wisse, who has been tremendous on this and many other fights, she is dead wrong here. Like a dog who has defecated on the Persian carpet, the PC mafia needs to have their noses shoved into their filth while being smacked with a rolled up paper.

        Okay. That metaphor clunked. But the best way to stop speech codes is to enforce them against the pack members of the PC movement. If the anti-Israelis veer off into old fashioned Jew baiting, charge them. If the administration comes down on those creeps then the Pinko McCarthites get the proverbial taste of their own medicine. If the spineless administrative weasels refuse, then the college gets sued for denying equal protection (if a public institution) or discrimination (if a private institution receiving federal funds). Actual, equal, stringent and honest enforcement of the abominations called speech codes will shatter their popularity even in the most small minded university denizens. Our ultimate objective remains tossing the One Ring into Mount Doom. But we can still use that sucker to whack the odd Nazg├╗l and maybe save Gondor.

        (Take a guess what flick I saw Tuesday at midnight. That's why I have 3AM posts.)


        The old joke about the Palestinians being like the Bourbons- forgetting nothing and learning nothing- has taken an interesting twist. The Palestinians chose Hitler, Stalin, Saddam and now Osama. They cheer for the bloodthirstiest goons who promise them dead Jews. And every time they end up worse off.


        Sean Penn is using a new word these days...

        In Reuters...

        "I'm here for a simple reason, which is because I'm a patriot and an American who has benefited enormously from being an American, and because I had areas of personal concern and conscience that led me to come to Iraq.

        And the Washington Times...

        "As a father, an actor, a filmmaker and a patriot, my visit to Iraq is for me a natural extension of my obligation - at least, attempt - to find my own voice on matters of conscience."

        This is 'Patriotic' Penn in 1991 about his directorial debut 'The Indian Runner,' as quoted in Michael Medved's Hollywood Vrs. America.

        I don't think it scratches the surface of the rage that is felt, if not acted upon, by most of the people in the country where I live... I was brought up in a country that relished fear-based religion, corrupt government and an entire white population living on stolen property that they murdered for and that is passed on from generation to generation.

        Sean, Baby, why don't you give up your stolen property. I'm sure the Native Americans not benefiting from the casinos would appreciate your mansion.