Monday, July 01, 2002


       One reason my blogging is minimal (aside from time constraints) is that I want to try to be at least minimally original, instead of citing the same articles the rest of the warblogers do. And I care that I say things well. So that means I do bupkus.

        Here was one overdue issue posting. Prior to the speech where Bush called for Yassir to take the golden handshake, my main worry was not necessarily what he would say, but how the world would interpret his words. Specifically, I was afraid the Palestinians would see it as a vindication of their terror tactics.

        Judging from the snarls, yowls and whines from the Arabs and their chattering class enablers, I need not have worried. The Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post and Saudis all hate the president's declaration. Obviously it's a winner.

        As the cliché goes, "When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember the first objective was to drain the swamp." Well, the Palligators (unique among crocodilians for their venomous nature) are distracting Bush's corps of engineers from draining the Axis of Evil Swamp. Were I a more conspiratorially minded man, I would say the House of Sod financed this upswing to distract from their 79% responsibility for 9/11. They point to their beloved homicide bombers and say to the US 'Solve this first.' (And it helps to distract their souk suckers from the debacle in Afghanistan as well.)

        So, Bush offered a solution. That the solution is unacceptable to anyone in position to negotiate is immaterial. No longer will they sell the same camel for new concessions. No more will their constant bad faith negotiations continue. Even if they do reject Bush's conditions for statehood, it is clear he is washing his hands of the Pals and moving on.

        The Palestinians should take a cue from the ideals of Zionism. Hetzel wanted to make the Jews 'A nation like any other. That dream must become their reality. No more disproportionate attention to the Pals and no more special leeway given to aid their genocidal quests. Let them deal with the consequences of their folly or reap the rewards of their courageous change. Either way it's long past time to move on