Tuesday, June 25, 2002


        Cant Watch needs to learn to enjoy schadenfreude. Noting, and approving of, the suspension of the organization of the kaffeya wearing brownshirts at San Francisco State University, Erin O`Connor decries the removal of their hate filled web site from the server.

My point? We have to defend the expression of groups like GUPS if we want to be sure our own expression is protected. These are tough truths to swallow when one is on the wrong end of bigoted and nasty expression, but they are the truths we have to swallow if we are to preserve the liberty that makes our lives so preciously free.

        Well, the way I see it is…

  1. Speech codes are wrong.
  2. The campus left supports speech codes.
  3. The speech codes are not applied to the campus left, or anyone who is not white and straight
  4. We (meaning the non-PC crowd) need to apply the speech codes to the PC gang with the vigor of Vern Schillinger initiating his newest prag. (2 point ref)

        This way, you assail their hypocrisy, while forcing them to chose between their causes and censorship. These Hamans built the gallows. Let their sorry hides swing from it.

        The free speech of the General Union of Palestine Students is a modest sacrifice for a world with no speech codes.


        Here in Massachusetts, the Dems control the state, even with a GOPer in the corner office (meaning Governor. There is no governor’s mansion here in Massachusetts). Though we’ve had a run of Republican governors, they’ve been either had one eye on a better job, or a head firmly up their butts. Most of the GOP establishment in the Commonwealth consists of what I call ‘Vichy Republicans’ who try to out Dem the Dems.

        Now with Mitt Romney seeming to revive the Mass GOP, plus dissatisfaction with the two Toms (Birmingham and Finneran) who essentially run this state, the Dems are getting desperate and nasty, trying to beat him in the court house and not the ballot booth (usual Democrat tactics). All I can say is the people who scream about Mitt’s working in Utah have driven many people to New Hampshire.

        At least is has been hurting them in the polls.

UPDATE: The panel has ruled the Romney meets the residency requirements! Now if we can only get democracy into the State House of Representatives and Senate.

Monday, June 24, 2002


        Bush tries to appease the jackals again. How many times will we fall for their bait-and switch before saying 'screw `em.' and leaving them to rot in their cesspool.

        One in his speech I found particularly risible.

The Palestinian people are gifted and capable...

        Yeah, but only when it comes to murdering children.

        Update: The Pals and their Arab bretheren are not happy with the speech, which, on second reading and more careful consideration was much better.then I had believed. More later. (Hopefully)


        Sorry, but between work and the bar review class, I've not been able to do squat. Sunday is my one free day and last Sunday I was comatose and this one I had a wedding (and the less said about that, the better...). Gomen, Gomen!